SGDC (Games Dog of Canada Title)

ASDR Registered:
"CR DMC Kolor the Dragon Koral"

April 15th , 2019 - March 21, 2022

" So much to do, so little time "

Koral is a Dragon x Katie daughter from April 2019 litter. She has the personality, temperament and disposition to give 100 % try to anything I ask of her. She was born with a half white/half black face, and as she grew up Koral started to get those amazing freckles,,,, from her nose to her toes! (See 'Life Cycle" picture below)

Koral and I have tried a little bit of everything that seemed like it would be fun to do: obedience, tricks, dance, Sheep herding, dock diving, and we discovered that her (our) passion is Agility.

She has achieved her Titles in: Expert Tricks, Jr. Dock Diving, SADC (Starters Agility Dog of Canada), SGDC (Starters Games Dog of Canada), and is very close to getting her Advanced Agility and Games Dog titles.

Koral loves to give Mama Katie a break and is the best babysitter for the puppies when they are old enough to play with. She teaches them all the great stuff any Big Sister should teach a new puppy.

2 Years Old

'Life Cycle' of Koral ( 0-10 months )

Agility Weaves